How to write a punchy boilerplate

Brittany Farquhar, senior client executive at Milk & Honey PR Boilerplates are essential components of many PR materials – most often seen at the bottom of a press release. They are a mini “about us” section, so you might be asking yourself, what’s the big deal?   Their importance can be judged by the fact that they are normally the first piece of PR material we […]

Milk & Honey PR named Best Agency to Work for in UK

Milk & Honey PR attending Parliament in support of the Better Business Act

We awoke this morning to exciting news. Milk & Honey PR has been recognised by PRovoke Media as the Best Agency to Work for in the UK. That is pretty huge! Added to PRWeek celebrating us last month as one of the top five small agencies to work for in the UK. Plus, securing Investors in […]

PR superstars wanted

Milk & Honey team image during Marrakech offsite

Excited to announce we’re looking for an account executive / senior account executive with digital experience to join us at Milk & Honey PR in Sydney! Just six months after opening our doors in Australia we’re expanding the team (again!) due to several client wins. As the third Australian team member, the person who takes […]

How PR can shape the wellbeing conversation during lockdown

Milk & Honey looks at how PR folk can navigate their mental wellbeing throughout the remaining lockdown period. Though the pandemic has removed long commutes from the equation, it has instead thrown a whole host of additional responsibilities and complexities into the mix. While many people work from home from time-to-time, doing this for days […]

Dealing with lockdown when you’re an extrovert

Lockdown poses some obvious problems for extroverts like me, who thrive on socialising in group settings. I’ve always preferred going ‘out out’ to staying ‘in in’. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than surrounded by friends, cocktail in hand, letting out my inner dancing queen. When lockdown was announced, the thought of ‘me time’ and ‘working […]

World Press Freedom Day: A reflection on media freedoms

World Press Freedom Day is an opportunity to recognise media across the world that are silenced by states. It is also a great reminder for those of us living in countries with press protections that we must continue to fight to maintain those liberties. In the last decade, over 554 journalists have been killed globally […]

Why I moved from a global to a start-up agency

Let’s face it, leaving a job – any job – is a big deal. What’s more, people don’t leave jobs on impulse. I spent five years honing my skills in a global agency before deciding it was time for a change. A lot of people leave the security of a large, established organisation for one […]

Tackling the glass ceiling in PR

Tackling the glass ceiling in PR  Ten years on since the passing of the revised Equality Act of 2010, gender disparity in the workplace is still an unfortunate reality. This effect is very evident in PR, an industry that despite being heavily populated by women – two-thirds (64%) of the overall workforce is female – is still dominated at board level by men.   In a sector that prides itself on its progressivism, this is a troubling indictment: proof of the existence of an outdated glass ceiling that for too long has limited the potential of women both past and present.    This is […]

Milk & Honey PR appointed by leading macroeconomic research firm

Milk & Honey PR, has been appointed by Macro Intelligence 2 Partners (MI2), a leading independent macroeconomic research firm. MI2 was co-founded by financial expert, Julian Brigden, in 2011. Julian and his experienced team monitor hundreds of markets and thousands of charts. Analysis of the resulting data guides investors, helping them anticipate resulting movements and execute timely […]