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How we grew as a Hive during B Corp month

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The best part about being a certified B Corp is that this status constantly pushes us to improve. On employee standards, environmental responsibilities and a commitment to our community, we’re constantly looking to go beyond what we have already achieved and prove that good business is good business.  

Since we achieved our B Corp status, we’ve powered ourselves towards company milestones including achieving plastic neutrality and becoming carbon neutral by 2022. B Corp month in March was a time to celebrate these goals and reflect on how we can do more. 

As any PR will tell you, there’s no better way to learn than through collaboration. That’s why we spent this B Corp month learning from the B Lab, connecting with other B Corps and running our own ‘Hive Hacks’ session.  

Learning from the B Lab and beyond 

Being a B Corp is about working together for a better future for all of us. At the start of the month, our team created a calendar of events showcasing all the opportunities to learn about being a better business. Between the B Lab’s B Better series and a series of Inspiring Workplaces workshops, we had plenty to get stuck in to.  

Our team spent the month attending virtual webinars and classes on everything from ‘how to be an inclusive employer’ and ‘how to create inclusive cultures’ to ‘how to utilise the circular economy’ and ‘how to get to Net Zero by 2030’.  

It’s no surprise how incredibly helpful these sessions were, and how many ideas our team were able to come back and deliver to the rest of the hive. Through post event de-briefs, we managed to share this knowledge across the team and propose improvements to our agency. 

Getting to know the B Corp community 

When we achieved our B Corp status, we were one of the first five marketing agencies in the UK to do so and the wider community was much smaller than it is now. We’re now proud to be one of nearly 4,000 B Corps across the global community, so we thought we should get to know some more of them. 

Through the B Hive, the dedicated forum for other B Corp’s to get in touch, we reached out to a number of B Corps to learn from their expertise. Sometimes, it was just an informal call to share stories about our journeys to build a better business, others it was a quick note on LinkedIn about some recent work.  

But sometimes there were opportunities to work together with other B Corps. Fiona Gildea, our partner for Strategy Purpose, and B Leader spoke to Springwise for a series of articles on what being a B Corp means. Our CEO, Kirsty Leighton has been working with the community to advance the cause and also as an Ambassador to help other companies understand the benefits of joining the community.  

‘Hive Hacks’ B Corp session 

Our success as a Hive comes through having a team who are invested in a shared mission. Being a B Corp is important to all of us, and is why many of us were attracted to Milk & Honey in the first place. We didn’t want those who missed out on the event sessions to be left out, so we ran a ‘Hive Hacks’ session to share knowledge on what being a B Corp means.  

Led by our associate partner, Jess Ballinger, we discussed what being a B Corp means (and some of the jargon), the ‘behind the scenes’ work of it all, and how it powers certain aspects of our business. For our newer members, it was a great introduction to all things B Corp, and for the rest of the team it never helps to have a top-up!  

B Corp month was great for us. Learning and collaborating with other B Corps in the community is a brilliant way to learn more about what we can do, and how we can help others. Coming out of a rough year, it’s great to see such an active business community looking to use our position to make change. It’s never too late to become a part of it. 

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