Why PR should embrace Asperger’s syndrome

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, stated that ‘originality is the name of the entrepreneurial game’. In a saturated marketplace, originality is the result of new patterns of thought, themselves the product of unique minds. If companies hope to grow, they must embrace rare thinkers, for, if Thiel is to be believed, growth is difference – new brains willing to work in new ways.  PR has always celebrated and rewarded trailblazers, with companies investing millions in recruitment drives for brilliant individuals. Such drives are often focused […]

How to put mental health front of mind

How to put mental health front of mind  Feeling healthy and able to bring your whole self to work is important to us all, whether we struggle from a diagnosable condition or not. The always–on modern lifestyle we lead can present a number of problems when it comes to our state of mind. But there is also an economic cost. According to the Centre for Mental Health, the […]

Milk & Honey PR appointed by Health Exchange

Fast growing London based PR agency, Milk & Honey PR, has been appointed by Health Exchange, a physical, mental health and wellbeing social-enterprise, to manage all of the company’s communications as they expand across the UK.   This latest win adds to Milk & Honey PR’s ever-expanding health and wellness portfolio which includes a successful programme with Health Exchange’s sister company Living Well Taking Control. Milk & Honey will be responsible […]

Becoming part of the B Corp community

We were accepted into the B Corp community in September, after a lot of hard work and dedication. B Corp is a community of businesses that meet the highest social and environmental standards – something which is becoming increasingly significant in the times we live and work in..  As B Corp’s we run our businesses in a way that […]

Top tips for getting noticed and ultimately getting promoted in PR

It’s no secret that most professionals want to advance – for greater responsibility, better pay, or more challenging work. It’s what we are all working towards day in and day out. That said, we are lucky to be working in an industry where there is a clear structure in team hierarchy and good work is […]

Milk & Honey PR on Clutch Top 1000 Global Companies List 2019

At Milk & Honey PR we aim high and dream big. We know our clients have goals they want to reach, and we help achieve them. It is our pleasure to see our services acknowledged with our standing on Clutch’s top 1000 Global Companies list for this year. Clutch is a B2B research platform that […]

How our people-first culture led to the launch of Milk & Honey Australia

Just over a week ago, we announced the launch of our Milk & Honey office in Sydney with the help of The Holmes Report. Since then, a lot of people have been interested to hear the reasons behind the decision. Our new Australian managing director, Caroline Addy, explains the story behind our people-first culture. If […]

Milk & Honey PR launches in Australia & New Zealand

Milk & Honey PR will celebrate its third anniversary in January with the launch of its first international office in Sydney, Australia. The company, which specialises in managing and nurturing reputations for ambitious growth companies, will be led by current Milk & Honey PR board director, Caroline Addy.   Addy will work closely with managing partner and PR veteran of 25 years, Kirsty Leighton, as well as financial director, Laura Reijnders-Dorr. Prior to setting up Milk & […]

Just a small town boy…

The prospect of relocating for a new job can be exciting and daunting. You’ll be raring to go, but you’ll also find yourself asking countless questions: what will the area be like? How are the people there? Will I enjoy the work? Not forgetting: Can I get a decent curry…?  Naturally, I asked myself all these things as I made the decision to leave my northern homeland and fly to the hive for a new start in the […]

Personal Group appoints Milk & Honey PR

Milk & Honey PR, has been appointed by Personal Group, a leading employee benefits and insurance company, to champion the voice of workers and help employers support their staff to the fullest. Entering its 35th year, Personal Group has a history of protecting the working backbone of the UK, including bus drivers, factory workers and care support staff. Personal […]