B Corp: Being more transparent

Trust and transparency are at the core of what we do here at Milk & Honey PR. We have an open and honest agency culture – sharing everything from five-year business planning to company cashflow with the whole team. The B Corp theme for March was trust and transparency and, as the month draws to […]

From University to PR – A Graduate’s Journey

Having graduated from university last summer studying Business and Management, it was time to get my foot in the door of the working world. What did I want to do and where? Since graduating from Oxford Brookes University, I knew straight away I wanted to enter a digital media/marketing space. Fascinated by the rapidly changing future of digital and emerging technologies, my father was a big […]

Top tips for getting noticed and ultimately getting promoted in PR

It’s no secret that most professionals want to advance – for greater responsibility, better pay, or more challenging work. It’s what we are all working towards day in and day out. That said, we are lucky to be working in an industry where there is a clear structure in team hierarchy and good work is […]

Interview tips from the other side of the table

Ok, so hands up, I admit I am super fussy when interviewing. I expect candidates to come in having done their homework on the company and our clients. I expect them to have a genuine interest in the news agenda and a passion for people. And I expect them to be curious, articulate, enthusiastic and […]