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Top tips for getting noticed and ultimately getting promoted in PR

It’s no secret that most professionals want to advance – for greater responsibility, better pay, or more challenging work. It’s what we are all working towards day in and day out. That said, we are lucky to be working in an industry where there is a clear structure in team hierarchy and good work is celebrated. Making that advancement happen isn’t always so straightforward but there are ways that you can behave to get you noticed by your leads to make sure you are on track.

Push beyond your job description

Once you’ve proven that you are capable of delivering what is expected of you at your current level, ask for more responsibility. Put up your hand and see if there is anything else you can be working on to help grow the company or progress a project. A simple ‘how can I get involved’ will go a long way. What’s great is that you get an opportunity to develop new skills but without the expectation of it being perfect. Proactivity, bravery and passion will get you noticed.

Document your achievements

Keep track of quantifiable results to cite and showcase your progress and contribution to the team. Has your work had an impact on a client’s KPIs? What’s been the total reach of coverage? Organic growth of agency portfolio through pitching? Document it. Most of the hive has personal positive feedback folders, which are consistently being added to.

Be proactive

Don’t be afraid to take charge of projects or share your opinions with the wider team. This shows leadership potential, a skill essential for promotion. Just make sure that your opinions are carefully thought out and backed up by research. Ask lots of questions, whether that be feedback on your current work or questioning certain client activities. Curiosity and an eagerness to learn is what an employer will be after.

In just a year, I was promoted twice – from client executive to client manager. I can’t emphasise enough that it’s not about the amount of time you spend in a role, but the proactive energy you bring to the table that will land you that promotion.

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