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When school said we had two weeks for work experience, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to explore a completely new career option to really get out of my comfort zone. Online I found Milk & Honey PR which captured my attention with its commitment to its values and fun campaigns. A few emails later and I found myself outside their office in Battersea for my first day. 

For me, work experience is all about furthering your understanding of what the workplace is like and exploring what you may want to do in the future. It was great to come to someone’s place of work and learn, developing my knowledge of new industries and gaining new skills. 

Starting out  

Before my placement with Milk & Honey, I didn’t really know much about PR and only really had a small understanding of what it meant. When I arrived, I could tell straight away that the environment was welcoming and friendly which encouraged me to ask questions and further my learning.  

The team took me through all the various parts of the industry, which really opened my eyes to the different types of jobs out there under the PR umbrella. Each day the team had a different topic mapped out, whether that was understanding the media landscape, or understanding the role of social media. This broadened my understanding of the industry and made every day unique. 

The day to day  

My typical day would start with a brief on the day’s focus and getting involved with media round-ups. Then I’d be given a few tasks each day, either research based, content producing, media lists for clients or helping on social media and design work. I even helped with a new business deck by researching the current and competitor coverage.  

Having daily meetings enabled me to gain a good understanding of what I had to do. I was able to learn new terms like “B2B and B2C” and keep track of my development throughout my two weeks.   

All these tasks helped to further my knowledge of the industry and kept each day different, which is one of the big learnings of the industry I took from the experience. 

My takeaways  

Milk & Honey has really helped me develop my knowledge and understanding of PR. There was always someone around to help me with any questions I had, and everyone was so generous with their time. I’m very grateful to have been able to do my work experience in such a great company with a great hardworking team around me in the office.  

Being at Milk & Honey has been a wonderful experience. My favourite part was being around the team, soaking up the buzz of the office culture and how welcoming everyone was. Thanks again M&H! 

By Layla Hendricks

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