How we grew as a Hive during B Corp month

Milk & Honey team

The best part about being a certified B Corp is that this status constantly pushes us to improve. On employee standards, environmental responsibilities and a commitment to our community, we’re constantly looking to go beyond what we have already achieved and prove that good business is good business.   Since we achieved our B Corp status, we’ve powered ourselves towards company milestones including achieving plastic neutrality and becoming carbon […]

Actions speak louder than words: the real value of values

Masters of words and creators of perception. There’s no doubt communications is an incredibly skilled profession. But given we don’t burn fossil-fuels or manufacture products in a factory have we somehow convinced ourselves we have less responsibility to look after our planet and our people?  From climate change to mental health, there is no quick fix to all the pressures facing our society. But has doing the bare minimum become acceptable practice?  It’s not what you make, it’s the way that you make it  Most of us are in the business […]

Damaging double standards impacting the future of Australia’s PR industry

Several weeks ago, the Parliament of Australia passed a contentious law that will dramatically increase the cost of studying several subjects at university. Under the changes, fees for humanities and social sciences degrees will soar, while ‘job-relevant’ courses like nursing, mathematics and teaching will become cheaper. Communications will be one of the hardest hit courses […]

Diversity, inclusion and belonging: How and why I came to Milk & Honey

Reggie Okehie headshot

Diversity, inclusion and belonging: How and why I came to Milk & Honey Growing up in a community where traditional career paths such as medicine and law were highly encouraged, I found there was never much guidance into exploring other opportunities. As a person who believes that knowledge is power, the growing influence of the […]

Milk & Honey PR grows Sydney client base

Milk & Honey, has been appointed by Morse Micro, a Sydney-based semiconductor company focused on reinventing Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things. Managing Director of the Sydney PR agency, Caroline Addy, met the Morse Micro founders in 2017 through the Cisco ANZ Innovation Hub. Since then, the start-up has brought together the brightest engineers from […]

Media relations is the same as dating

A guide for PR professionals looking to build media relationships Getting to know each other The ultimate goal of media relations is to create a relationship with a journalist so you become a reliable source of interesting stories. Before pitching a story, first do your research. You must have a clear understanding of the subject […]

Why PR measurement matters

When do you know something is working? PR is often referred to as the ‘dark art’ of marketing. The very nature of brand awareness and reputation means they can be intrinsically difficult to measure – but not impossible. Measurement is key to demonstrating the value of our work. But it doesn’t have to be just […]

The art of PR-omance

Successful romantic relationships require ‘chemistry’ – the emotional connection that bonds two people together. The same can be said about PR agencies and their clients. The two parties must work together, demonstrate loyalty and commit to navigating highs, lows and everything in between.  After the cork-popping celebrations of winning a new client comes the real work. Building – and maintaining – a strong relationship that stands the test of time requires effort. But the results are always worth it, which is why our motto is ‘old is gold’.  Here’s five things we’ve […]

Five sustainability certifications to differentiate from the competition

An increasing number of companies are using sustainability certifications to enhance their brand reputation. Here, our plastic neutrality partner rePurpose Global outlines five different initiatives and how they can make an impact. Sustainability certifications line supermarket shelves, appealing to shoppers eager to pursue environmental reform. However, brands must carefully adopt sustainability certifications to avoid the […]

Milk & Honey bolsters all female board with Fiona Gildea

Photo from PRCA national awards

Fiona Gildea joins in September as the agency’s first UK partner, alongside three specialist and consultant hires to support Milk & Honey’s rapid international growth Milk & Honey PR continues to grow at speed. Since lockdown the agency has hired five new starters including two UK board directors and is now a team of 27 […]