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Expectations vs reality: my first month in a start-up

Energy. Bravery. Respect. Passion. Loyalty. Collaboration.

These were the values that first attracted me to Milk & Honey PR. And one month in, these values are more alive than ever. Being part of something new and shiny has always appealed to me. Having spent five plus years in what was a small-sized agency, but now sits firmly in the mid-sized agency bracket, I’ve witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations of a growing business. And the fun times that go hand-in-hand.

The idea of doing that, from scratch, with a fantastic founder/managing partner, was obviously an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

When people think ‘start-up’, the image that often comes to mind (for me, anyway!) is a hipster with a beard sat in an edgy coffee shop plugging away on their MacBook. Before moving to an office in Shoreditch, obviously.

The reality at Milk & Honey PR is, thankfully, very different. With champagne rather than coffee. Sunny Battersea rather than Shoreditch. A lovely office shared with professionals from all walks of life. And no beards, just yet.

This first month has opened my eyes to some of the intricacies of being part of a fast growing small business;

  • ‘Sink or swim’ takes on a whole new meaning
  • Constant struggles with basic IT (where’s IT support?!)
  • Accounting fun (GCSE Maths doesn’t help here)
  • No-one to delegate to (thankfully I enjoy admin)
  • Celebrating the small things (“we got a retweet!”)
    …as well as the big things
  • The time to sit back, reflect and do the job well
  • Being rewarded with incredibly fun, kind and supportive clients
  • The endless opportunities and challenges
  • Champagne is in abundance


Jo Cresswell

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