Just a small town boy…

The prospect of relocating for a new job can be exciting and daunting. You’ll be raring to go, but you’ll also find yourself asking countless questions: what will the area be like? How are the people there? Will I enjoy the work? Not forgetting: Can I get a decent curry…?  Naturally, I asked myself all these things as I made the decision to leave my northern homeland and fly to the hive for a new start in the […]

Personal Group appoints Milk & Honey PR

Milk & Honey PR, has been appointed by Personal Group, a leading employee benefits and insurance company, to champion the voice of workers and help employers support their staff to the fullest. Entering its 35th year, Personal Group has a history of protecting the working backbone of the UK, including bus drivers, factory workers and care support staff. Personal […]

Milk & Honey PR certified B Corp as a purpose-driven business

Whilst the rest of the PR community globally is talking about the importance of purpose, we have put words into action. Today we are incredibly proud to share that we are a certified B Corporation! This means we have been recognised for balancing purpose with profit, meeting rigorous social and environmental standards. The certification process covers five key […]

Queen bee selected for Forbes Global Communications Council

Queen of the crop!  Our very own Queen Bee (@Kirsty Leighton), has been hand-selected to be part of the Forbes Global Communications Council. As a Forbes author, Kirsty will be contributing regular blogs and opinion articles on the communications industry and how she juggles life as a PR titan.  Forbes Councils are communities of successful industry leaders […]

Bee Brilliant PR Training

Training and development in an ever-evolving PR industry I remember my first training session as a bright-eyed, bushy tailed account executive. It was presentation focussed and I fully mastered the ‘Bill Clinton’ technique – smiling and flirting, basically. Very effective. I shall never forget the sheer horror of having to watch myself back on camera. […]

I said yes…to PR! 

As the curtain closed on my political communication Master’s degree, it was time to enter the graduate job market. The competition was going to be tough. I was grateful for a role that would help tide me over and be relatively linked to my degree. At least that was my mindset at the time. Don’t […]

Is Twitter the world’s biggest newsroom?

Twitter has become a vital PR tool that I use daily here at Milk & Honey PR. The ‘trends’ column listing popular hashtags helps me keep an eye on what big stories are being widely covered by the media. Monitoring what is trending on Twitter can help determine if a story we plan to sell-in […]

PR… Public Relations or People Relations?

Let’s be honest. A lot of people outside the media-consumed world we live in don’t really know what we do. To this day my Dad still thinks I’m a journalist. However, anyone working in the PR industry will know it’s a fast-paced and challenging, but hugely rewarding career path that allows you to continue learning and evolving, regardless of your age, background […]

How to nail your first pitch

Rapping sensation Eminem once described the unintended consequences of pitching thusly: ‘Knees weak, arms are heavy, vomit on his sweater already…’ It can be tough standing and presenting before strangers, or even picking up the phone and battle for a journalist’s attention. Pitching doesn’t have to be so hard, and with a few easy tips […]

Milk & Honey PR is continuing its impressive growth

Milk & Honey adds Laura Reijnders-Dorr to Board Milk & Honey PR is continuing its impressive growth by expanding the board, adding EY’s Laura Reijnders-Dorr as financial controller. Now 24 months old, the business boasts a team of 12 in London and is forecasting fees of one million pounds this year.  Reijnders-Dorr will be joining managing partner Kirsty Leighton and associate partner Jo Cresswell on the board. Her remit is to work with the client […]