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I said yes…to PR! 

As the curtain closed on my political communication Master’s degree, it was time to enter the graduate job market. The competition was going to be tough. I was grateful for a role that would help tide me over and be relatively linked to my degree. At least that was my mindset at the time. Don’t get me wrong, my passion was (and still is) in communications. But I didn’t think I would walk into my ideal role straight off the cuff.  

After weeks of stalking the websites and social media channels of various communication firms, it started to get a bit blurry. That is when I spotted Milk & Honey PR  

Choosing Milk & Honey PR 

This agency felt different. It really stood out from other firms. I was both enthused and amused by the Milk & Honey brand. It was clear that their culture was central to the agency, something that is very important to me. The bright yellow that floods their website had me beaming – I wanted to be part of the hive! Sadly, not Beyoncé’s ‘Bee Hive’ – but very close!  

Land of opportunity  

Milk & Honey PR certainly lived up to the agency’s name. A land of opportunity. The nurturing, fast paced, and collaborative work environment has made it such a rewarding place be part of. The work culture is great and central to the ethos is the tone set from the top by our very own queen bee, Kirsty Leighton. Kirsty sits central to the team meaning she is easy to approach and involved in everything we do. It then trickles down and engulfs the whole hive.  

Blame it on popular culture,  or the media, but  internships have become synonymous with sealing envelopes  and  doing the coffee run. However, from day one of joining this happy hive I was given so much responsibility. I was introduced to a range of accounts, everything from pharmaceuticals to investment.  

Interning and learning  

So far, I have had the opportunity to create media lists, draft social media content, and write blogs. I have created contact lists of relevant social media influencers, attended a video marketing training session, and participated in creative brainstorming sessions. The list, truly, does go on.  All within three weeks of starting! I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve got the Milk & Honey buzz. 

I choose PR because 

I have found the right PR agency for me. One whose values aligned with mine. I look forward to  progressing my career  at this busy, buzzing, brilliant PR agency. 

Research bee x  


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