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Training and development in an ever-evolving PR industry

I remember my first training session as a bright-eyed, bushy tailed account executive. It was presentation focussed and I fully mastered the ‘Bill Clinton’ technique – smiling and flirting, basically. Very effective. I shall never forget the sheer horror of having to watch myself back on camera. Anyway – it always stuck with me, and to this day I actually enjoy presenting.

As I continued through my PR career, unfortunately other formal professional training opportunities were limited. It was very much ‘on the job’ learning. Anecdotally, this seems to be fairly common.

However, this is problematic. We work in a fast-paced, fast-changing sector, where we constantly need to adapt and keep-up. Agencies in general are expanding their skillset across owned, paid, and earned media – at every level, we need to grow, learn and evolve to achieve a competitive advantage.

That’s why at Milk & Honey PR we have set up our training programme ‘Bee Brilliant’.  Creating a land of opportunity, fairness, respect and shared success for the whole team.

Something for everyone

Egalitarian to the core, everyone in the business receives £1,000 per year to spend on external training programmes. Working with the PRCA we’ve made this amount work hard to ensure everyone can develop professionally, with the same opportunities.

Currently, all our executives are enrolled on the Foundation Certificate which provides equal access to best practice, but also allows courses over the year to be tailored to their individual interests. Similarly our managers are enrolled onto the Advanced Certificate which has the same approach, adapted for their level.

The directors are off to Oxford on the Leadership Academy programme come October, to attend workshops, talks and have one-on-one coaching – all in the name of effective leadership. And those with digital ambitions are enrolled in the Digital Masterclass where they will receive a digital diploma on completion of the two-day course.

It doesn’t stop there. Aside from the obvious on-the-job coaching, the team have internal and external mentoring, are encouraged to get out there and judge industry awards (PRCA Dare and Nationals – tick!) and speak at industry events.

Last, but in no means least – how could I forget Insights Training? A truly fascinating look at your ‘colours’ and work communication skills. The results not only help you understand your own behaviour but how to work most effectively with your team, and your clients.

Yellow and green, as you’re asking.

Through our Bee Brilliant training programme, we not only give the whole team the crucial training needed in our fast-paced environment, but tangible professional qualifications as they progress in their career with us.  An absolutely essential investment to maintain a happy hive.

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