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Breaking down barriers: Why we partnered with Brixton Finishing School

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Breaking down barriers into PR

The journey into PR is different for every individual – some through more traditional means, and others through more unique circumstances.   

But a common defect in the industry is the barriers to entry for some under-represented groups of people. This can leave young talent to slip through the net, and their potential left unrecognised.   

After completing a master’s degree in 2019, I experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to break into the industry. My personal experience fuelled my desire to drive better recruitment practices, by breaking down barriers to entry and providing equal access for all. 

Taking action

Now more than ever, we need to strive to provide equal opportunities for those looking to enter the world of comms. And while many talk about the need to improve diversity, equality and inclusion – there is an inherent lack of action. The industry we operate in continues to remain unrepresentative of the population it serves. We must do more to address this as it is the only way to effectively communicate with our audience. 

That’s why Milk & Honey’s goal is to connect with 250 diverse individuals by 2025 and empower them to pursue careers in PR. This is centred around diversity in terms of age, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, neurodiversity, and disability. 

Partnering with Brixton Finishing School

The first step to creating lasting change is reaching broader, more representative audiences. This is why we have been able to combine Brixton Finishing School and Milk & Honey’s mutual passion – to make the industry more accessible and representative of the population it serves. Brixton Finishing School is a 12-week free course that focuses on finding and developing unexplored talent across underrepresented groups, delivering creative and digital skills and real-world experiences. 

Since its launch in 2018, the initiative has disrupted the way creative, media, communications and digital industries recruit talent. The programme reaches out to underrepresented groups in the creative industries (multi-cultural, working class, neurodiverse, female) to find those with unrecognised potential and break down the barriers to entry. It comes as no surprise that it was awarded the best digital and inclusion initiative of the year in 2019 and delivered a 95% employment success rate in 2021. 

The Milk & Honey promise

With an aim to enhance PR’s visibility among a wider cohort of people, our partnership with Brixton Finishing School allows us to not only reach graduates but anyone who is currently making career choices. We will continue reaching out to schools to increase the access and reputation of the industry. Our team also offers mentoring to support these individuals’ careers every step of the way. 

We know increasing access, and the reputation of the industry is key to making it more diverse and representative, which is why we aim to make a conscious effort to reach these underrepresented groups. Our partnership with Brixton Finishing School will help take us closer to our goal and create the change we all desire. 

Learn more about our diversity commitments here.

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