Work experience at Milk & Honey PR


When school said we had two weeks for work experience, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to explore a completely new career option to really get out of my comfort zone. Online I found Milk & Honey PR which captured my attention with its commitment to its values and fun campaigns. A few […]

Milk & Honey launches podcast to ‘Untick The Box’ on Diversity

Untick The Box podcast logo

Introducing Untick The Box We’re proud to unveil our new podcast, Untick The Box, to give a platform to underrepresented voices and inspire people from diverse backgrounds to enter and succeed in new industries.   As the name suggests, the podcast seeks to highlight and reimagine diverse talent beyond a box-ticking exercise. It seeks to do […]

Get yourself a working culture which… 

image of team at local pub reflecting workplace culture

When you think about what to expect in the first week of a new job, which words come to mind? Generally, a new role is expected to be daunting and overwhelming, leaving you feeling somewhat fried by the time you reach the weekend. My first few weeks at Milk & Honey have shown me that […]

Milk & Honey undergoes global brand refresh

To ring in our fifth anniversary and celebrate the launch of our latest country opening, we’ve undergone a visual evolution and global brand refresh – unveiling a new logo, colour palette and website redesign.     The new visuals have been carried through all our online presence and marketing materials, with the revamped website serving […]

Milk & Honey’s 2022 People, Purpose, Planet report

We’ve just published the third iteration of our annual ‘People, Purpose, Planet’ report! It details and reflects on a year of significant progress across a range wellbeing, growth and sustainability indicators, as the agency works to leading global frameworks, including B Corp, the Better Business Act, Investors in People and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  […]

The offsite essentials checklist – why every agency needs a get away

After returning from our annual Marrakech offsite in May, Lola Carter and Francesca O’Connor explore how to turn the dreaded company away-day into something that’s valued and valuable. Buckle up and prepare for take-off with the offsite essentials checklist.  You’re standing at the offsite departure desk. One gate leads to David Brent and his guitar. […]

Breaking down barriers: Why we partnered with Brixton Finishing School

Brixton Finishing School logo

Breaking down barriers into PR The journey into PR is different for every individual – some through more traditional means, and others through more unique circumstances.    But a common defect in the industry is the barriers to entry for some under-represented groups of people. This can leave young talent to slip through the net, […]

Milk & Honey PR joins calls for better business practices across UK  

Milk & Honey PR attending Parliament in support of the Better Business Act

Over 1,200 UK-based businesses are supporting the Better Business Act to call for better business practices across the UK.  Business leaders are being called to move from stakeholder primacy to extending to social justice and environmental responsibility. This is none restrictive – calling every business, of every size, as the default.   On Wednesday 20 […]

Milk & Honey PR Appoints First Media Director

Zharina Arnaldo headshot

We are very excited to welcome former Al Jazeera and CNN broadcast journalist Zharina Arnaldo to the team. Zharina joins the agency in a newly created partner-level role as our first media lead to help build out our media capabilities. Read all about it in Provoke Media here.