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Why I’ve thrived since joining the Hive

Caroline Fisher Milk & Honey

When I first found Milk & Honey three years ago, I was halfway through my year abroad in the UK. Though I was unsure if I would ever have the chance to come back, I periodically (fine, constantly) checked in on the Milk & Honey website and socials, unable to give up the idea of working there. What makes them so great that I’d kept this dream for so long? A great question with an even better answer! 

Teamwork makes the dream work  

I am convinced that Milk & Honey’s founder, Kirsty, would give the TED Talk to end all TED Talks. She is the exact embodiment of what a great leader sounds like, thinks like, and acts like. As I sat with her for my welcome talk, her enthusiasm and complete passion for this company simply radiated from her, and I was left glowing for the rest of the day.  

Not only has Kirsty created an incredible company, but she has assembled a team of high-performing individuals who all have distinct ways of working, yet are able to seamlessly come together as a team. Furthermore, because Milk & Honey operates as an EOT, every member of the hive genuinely cares about the happiness, personal growth, and opinions of their colleagues. Throughout my first week, people from every level stopped by my desk to see if I had any questions, wanted to grab a coffee, or just to say a quick hello.  

Practice what you preach  

As people are becoming increasingly careful about the companies they support, aiming to avoid the ones that merely virtue signal or greenwash, Milk & Honey has been leading the charge as a business that is authentic, transparent, and a good influence on the rest of its sector.  

B-Corp certified, carbon-neutral, plastic neutral with its sights on becoming carbon and water negative, Milk & Honey is tireless in its work to be People, Planet, and Purpose driven. If there was ever a company that genuinely showed energy, respect, collaboration, loyalty, passion, and bravery, it’s Milk & Honey. 

Master storytellers  

Intelligent and strategic storytelling that provokes action and adds value is at the core of what Milk & Honey does. After seeing the team in action, it is clear that any company that gets to work with Milk & Honey is exceedingly fortunate. There is no place to find people more determined to get your brand the best results possible than at this agency. Team members are always challenging and encouraging one another to be thoughtful, decisive, and active across all campaigns, and as a result, deliver on their promises and then some.  

I still can’t believe that three years later, I’m actually here! Thanks M&H! 

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