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What is it like interning at a dynamic, diverse, start-up PR firm?

What is it like interning at a dynamic, diverse, start-up PR firm? Worryingly for me was the reality that I knew almost nothing about the industry, save that it was characterised by networking, prosecco, and flaunting PR stunts. The name ‘Milk & Honey’, which for some might evoke images of a trendy bar, or a recently published poetry anthology, instead brought me back to my old school days: ‘Jerusalem the golden, with Milk and Honey blest’. Thankfully my experience was about as far from my all boy boarding school days. As one can imagine, the only stereotypes that came true were ones that I enjoyed. Fizzy Fridays, gregarious networking events, and creative work, all came true for me.

I became intimately familiar with the ‘press list’, a phrase which, when it appeared in ‘urgent’ marked emails sent me into a panic. I had plenty of opportunity to flex my creative muscles. I drafted appointment releases, pitches, and even wrote a few articles. I learnt plenty about adult life, and gained a valuable female perspective on life, relationships, and boyfriend blunders.

My happiest realisation was that life at this firm was not far from what I had experienced at university. I woke up a bit earlier, but my work was as intellectually challenging, and the atmosphere at the office was, perhaps unsurprisingly, far more enjoyable than my old college library. Despite being ignorant about nearly everything the team was extremely helpful, teaching me in a productive but friendly manner. Lunch time sunbathing has become a mandatory part of my day, as have three minutes of mindfulness at 3pm. Aside from my burgeoning PR skills, my fashion has become much better, as has my ability to nag for help whenever challenged (mostly by a press list).

Would I recommend PR? I enjoyed the mix of creative and more business-oriented work, as well as the variety in client interactions. Milk & Honey is a good place to make friends and practice your ‘chat’. I slotted very well into the team, was included in team trainings, a quarterly meeting, and got to work with every member of the team. PR comes highly recommended to anyone who wants a bit more writing in their life and a few less numbers.

It’s been a great time, and a fantastic way to spend a sunny July. I learnt what is really at the essence of a successful business, a fundamental ethic of trust between team members, leading to a great team culture. I was looking for an office experience, a way to bulk out my c.v., and hopefully some insight into what career I wanted to embark on. I got some good friends and some good memories – what else could an intern want? Oh, plus I start full-time back with the team in January, perfect!


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