The enhanced need for mental health first aiding in a remote workforce

From leaving the EU (will we, won’t we?), to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting recession, 2020 has been a year like no other. Many of our lives as we know them have changed forever. Some of this change is for the better. A greater sense of work-life balance, a renewed appreciation of spending time with […]

Dealing with lockdown when you’re an extrovert

Lockdown poses some obvious problems for extroverts like me, who thrive on socialising in group settings. I’ve always preferred going ‘out out’ to staying ‘in in’. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than surrounded by friends, cocktail in hand, letting out my inner dancing queen. When lockdown was announced, the thought of ‘me time’ and ‘working […]

Tackling the glass ceiling in PR

Tackling the glass ceiling in PR  Ten years on since the passing of the revised Equality Act of 2010, gender disparity in the workplace is still an unfortunate reality. This effect is very evident in PR, an industry that despite being heavily populated by women – two-thirds (64%) of the overall workforce is female – is still dominated at board level by men.   In a sector that prides itself on its progressivism, this is a troubling indictment: proof of the existence of an outdated glass ceiling that for too long has limited the potential of women both past and present.    This is […]

B Corp: Being more transparent

Trust and transparency are at the core of what we do here at Milk & Honey PR. We have an open and honest agency culture – sharing everything from five-year business planning to company cashflow with the whole team. The B Corp theme for March was trust and transparency and, as the month draws to […]

How to put mental health front of mind

How to put mental health front of mind  Feeling healthy and able to bring your whole self to work is important to us all, whether we struggle from a diagnosable condition or not. The always–on modern lifestyle we lead can present a number of problems when it comes to our state of mind. But there is also an economic cost. According to the Centre for Mental Health, the […]

Be honest and open about mental health in the workplace

Before joining Milk & Honey PR as client director, I was unsure whether to mention in my interview that I had, and sometimes still do, experience extreme anxiety. Persuaded by my friends, I’d set up a dedicated blog to offer motivation, support and advice to others who may be experiencing anxiety, mental health issues, low moods […]

Perfect timing

In PR, life can be hectic moving from task to task, from one client to the next. Some days it’s all about just knuckling down and powering through a long to-do list in order to meet deadlines from clients and journalists. As a team, we often put our heads together and think about what we […]