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Six months in the hive!

Today marks a milestone. I have been a bee (a busy one too!) at Milk & Honey PR for six months. It has been a whirlwind and I have learnt SO much in what seems a short amount of time.

Despite studying PR at university, I was still unprepared for the fast-moving nature of PR and the sheer workload I was to encounter. This is my first permanent role and I am learning every day. Developing and growing along with the agency.

I am constantly meeting new people, to-ing and fro-ing between events and being introduced to new sectors. I am very nearly always tired, but who isn’t? That is where the coffee and Diet Coke helps. I am sure my lovely colleague Meg will agree with me.

The PR world

PR is a hard industry to get into. I have received many knock-backs over the past three years. I can see why it is so popular. My role is incredibly varied and there is never a dull moment. I might be writing a press release one minute; the next I am conducting a phone interview with a client and an important journalist. My to-do list is always full, but I get joy from crossing my actions off one by one when complete. What I love about Milk & Honey is that we all chip in. Not one of us says ‘that’s not my job’. Even our queen bee, Kirsty Leighton, writes press releases and pitches to journalists. She loves it!

Learning curve

There are still areas I need to work on. Pitching is trial and error. Plus, it’s about knowing your stuff. I still get heart palpitations when ringing journalists. But when we have a strong story, know our client’s expertise and go into the call with the intent of having a conversation, the results are always positive. Plus, journalists are just people too. I keep reminding myself. It seems to be working, we got 80 pieces of coverage for my four clients last month.

Here’s to the next six months

I am so proud to say I work for a start-up agency that is already being recognised for its amazing work. One that has been shortlisted for PRCA ‘New Consultancy of the Year’ 2017 might I add! Next week I will be attending my first awards evening. Exciting! Keeping everything crossed that we win, but to even be shortlisted is an achievement in our first year.

I still get questioned, ‘sorry, what exactly do you do?’ and my parents still have no clue. But I can’t imagine doing anything else. PR suits me right down to a T. Good job I still have another 30 odd years to go! 😉

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