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My work experience in PR – Lalie Sirieys, aged 15

This year, my school requested that we do a week of work experience in any business of our choice. I decided to do mine at Milk & Honey PR. An multi-award winning new agency very close to home! PR was an area I wasn’t too familiar with. This week has been amazing in terms of learning about the world of PR and communications. I have been surrounded by people that are excellent at their craft.

Being in a PR agency like Milk & Honey was really beneficial for me. With it being a relatively new agency with a team of 12, I was able to deep dive into agency life and learn how each account works much fast than I could have in any other environment.

The first day

On Monday, the first day of my work experience, I was rather nervous to dive into the world of office work for a week and meet all these new people. But the whole team were incredibly welcoming. Throughout the week they were always there if I needed any help and always made sure I was okay.

The main account I was going to be working on for the week was Milk & Honey’s marketing channels. Over the course of the week, I had learnt how to create media lists, wrote my first case study and developed social media posts. All tasks that I ended up finding very fun.

The team was also very encouraging, congratulating me after every task I had done, big or small, which pushed me to do the best I could and really made me feel confident about what I was doing.

What I learnt

Very rapidly in my time working at Milk & Honey, I learnt that PR and especially this agency, is hugely focused on client relationships. They ensure that all their clients are always happy and dedicate many hours of their time making sure their content is perfect for each campaign.

I was taught how to use design platform Canva and media monitoring tool Cision. I was already familiar with Canva, but it helped to brush up my skills. I enjoyed the creative side of PR and the social media element (posting on Twitter, Instagram etc.) I also enjoyed taking care of the coverage clippings, it is fascinating to see that a PR agency is behind all of these articles. It must take a lot of hard work!

The Hive

One thing I was very impressed by, was the team. The Milk & Honey team were always working their hardest. Trying to get all their client work done, whilst balancing numerous award entries, client calls, meetings, journalist briefings before the Bank Holiday weekend. I was amazed, not only was their work ethic, but they all have a very special connection which enables them to work together better to create amazing opportunities.

I want to give a special thanks to Harriet King, my placement manager, who was super helpful, always made me feel really good about anything that I did. Making me feel welcome and ensuring my work experience at Milk & Honey PR was as positive as it could be.

It’s been brilliant, thank you all!

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