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My Work Experience at Milk & Honey PR

By Millie Donald, aged 15 – So, there I was, a country girl in a London office. I had no idea what I was about to do for the week, but I knew it was going to be different. Good different. 

On the Monday morning my nerves disappeared by being welcomed with six lovely smiles from everyone at Milk & Honey PR. Plus, a personalised mug with my first initial on it. 

After I had been introduced to everyone, I was given a very organised and professional briefing sheet about the different activities I was going to take part in for the week ahead. I soon learnt that Milk & Honey is more than just a team, they are a family – and by the end of the day I had already felt like I was part of it.  

It was not just the people that were lovely, the office was too! The office space was very modern with super cool bright striped furniture and multicoloured meeting rooms with groovy wallpaper. The two pods that the team are located in is a great use of space as they are able to have their own desks and also be able to communicate with each other easily. An added bonus is that there is a basket of cookies every day at 3pm (what’s not to love about this office!) 

What have I learnt from my week in a PR company? Well I’ve learnt way more than I thought I would. I was given multiple different tasks by members of the hive and if I ever had any questions they would never fail to help me out. Here’s a quick rundown of what I got up to;  

Monday- Media Relations 

After my briefing I researched vegan, health and wellness influencers on the Milk & Honey database to help the team build contacts. I mastered the art of media opportunities searches as I read through a variety of magazines and newspapers. Picking out articles that would be useful to spark ideas for clients. 

Tuesday- Client Relations 

On the second day I used research to create a biography for a media briefing document and also did some more research for fashion editors for client Butterfly Twists. 

Wednesday- Industry Insights 

Mid-week I looked for news articles from the last six months which linked to nutritional supplements for insight for client Cytoplan. I also clipped coverages for TeleWare using websites containing a talk with the product manager and observed a training session about identifying different types of personalities of people and how to interact with them. 

Thursday- More Media Relations! 

On the fourth day I looked for more influencers that fit criteria for an event for client Butterfly Twists and compared prices from airport shops and client PriceSpy using an excel spreadsheet. 

Friday- Content Writing 

On the final day I finished the comparison spreadsheet and wrote this blog!  

After a busy week in the hive there is no doubt that I will miss working with these amazing people in this amazing company. Thank you Kirsty and your team of busy bees, for showing me the wonderful world of PR. I have loved every moment of it, it’s bee-n great!  


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