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Milk & Honey PR launches our new purpose offer, a one-stop destination for brands seeking sustainable ambitious growth

Today, Milk & Honey PR have launched our new purpose offer, embarking on an ambition to go beyond purpose-led storytelling to support more brands with purposeful action that nurtures reputations. 

Our new offer follows our own inspiration as a B Corp, constantly pushing ourselves for change, seeking to build better business. The specialised service will blend climate- and culture- connected creativity and consultancy to deliver positive change with impact. It will allow us to help organisations of all sizes achieve sustainable, ambitious growth.  

 The model will be led by our own Fiona Gildea and will work with our established Purpose Academy. Reaching out the offer to our current retainer clients first, we will encourage and facilitate them to rewire their business model to combine sustainable growth and a purpose agenda.  

Many of our clients already have the values and desire to begin this journey, but they don’t know how to turn these values into action. As consultants, it’s our job to help them on this journey. As of today, the offer will rolout in a commercial capacity, positioning the agency as a one-stop destination for purpose-led communications, consultancy, and advice on B Corps best practice and integration.  

 In future, we will also support clients in setting and tracking their ESG targets to find sustainable solutions for climate related challenges. This ultimate ambition will blend the Hive’s storytelling expertise with purpose-led innovation, to transform organisations into change agents.   

A number of products are set to launch to help us achieve this goal, including our H.I.V.E product that launched in April, helping our clients to rediscover their purpose through 4 steps:  

  • Harness the energy of their heritage and origins toestablish where their purpose fits, and assess the risks and rewardsof doing this  
  • Ignite their purpose viaidentifying the correct issue(s) to tackle 
  • Verifytheir purpose-led mission via a long-term ambition 
  • Evolvetheir purpose through a pilot and pivot approach 

On top of this, we’re also developing a number of other products to expand our purpose offer. These include tools for ESG measurement to help businesses rewire their brand for sustainable growth, and a tool to connect businesses with partners to help them innovate for profit with purpose. 

For any businesses looking to blend their ambitious growth targets with a strong, purpose led agenda that works for people and planet, reach out to our team on  

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