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Milk & Honey PR joins calls for better business practices across UK  

Milk & Honey PR attending Parliament in support of the Better Business Act

Over 1,200 UK-based businesses are supporting the Better Business Act to call for better business practices across the UK.  Business leaders are being called to move from stakeholder primacy to extending to social justice and environmental responsibility. This is none restrictive – calling every business, of every size, as the default.  

On Wednesday 20 April, 200 businesses stormed Parliament and met with 150 MPs to push for the most transformational change in business law, ever.   

The Better Business Act has an object to amend section 172 of the Companies Act, transforming the way business is done, so that every single company in the UK takes ownership of its social and environmental impact. 

Milk & Honey PR, along with other UK-based businesses are backing the act – demanding higher ethical and environmental standards from brands and businesses. Businesses are calling on MP’s to consider the act, and for the law to catch up.  

The proposed change in the law, protects the good faith culture of directors. It adds no new liabilities for company directors but enables greater freedoms to work inclusively with their community and society.  

Kirsty Leighton, Founder and Group CEO at Milk & Honey PR, says: “The UK has the capacity to lead the way in businesses fostering better business practices on a global corporate stage, upgrading and leading the system. As a certified B Corp, Milk & Honey has seen how following these principles have enabled growth, attracted, and retained outstanding talent and enabled meaningful innovation”  

Mary Portas, Co-chair of the Better Business Act says: “The Better Business Act is ridiculously inspiring. It is exciting to see some 200 businesses gather together today talking real sense. We need to shift from status symbols to sentience. People want to believe we are buying the right thing, where care is at the heart.”   

Marsha De Cordova, Battersea’s MP, said: “I support the Better Business Act, I believe it will improve corporate business practice across the entire country and in Battersea. I encourage all businesses to get behind it.”   

Consumers are demanding higher ethical and environmental standards from brands and businesses. It’s time for the law to catch up. You can support the campaign and write to your local MP here: 

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