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Meet the clients going above and beyond for our planet 

With COP26 well underway, world leaders have gathered to discuss what we can do to turn the tables on climate change. At Milk & Honey, we are proud to be working with some incredible companies that make a real difference and enact meaningful change. 


Did you know that over 70% of the UK doesn’t know what e-waste is? The mobile network run by you wants to change this and tackle the amount of e-waste in our landfills. We are working with giffgaff on purpose-led communications to champion the use of refurbished mobile phones and educate on the dangers of e-waste. giffgaff distributed an urgent call to recirculate old phones, leading the pack on recycling our electronic waste. 

giffgaff urgent call campaign


As part of Epson’s campaign ‘Turn Down the Heat’, the technology company has partnered with National Geographic to launch an investigation into the disappearing permafrost in the arctic, with scientist and explorer Katey Walter Anthony. Their heat-free Inkjet technology cuts heat generation from printing by over 80%, and their EcoTank hardware reduces CO2 emissions by 73%.  

The Japanese brand has recently pledged 100 billion Yen to the development of technological advances in decarbonisation over the next 10 years. 

Epson, exceed your vision


Have you considered the CO2 implications of in person meetings? From travel to accommodation, the environmental impacts per person could be huge. With Within3’s over-time, asynchronous meetings, participants can eliminate travel, and therefore eliminate the carbon impacts of big boardroom meetings.  

Swedish study found that tracking the use of virtual meetings over four years found that organizations using more virtual meetings reduced CO2 emissions by 10% per employee. Within3’s product can help life sciences companies reduce their carbon footprint, one meeting at a time. 



The fintech start-up encourages consumers to take charge of their carbon output and empowers people to act. Consumers are not only able to see the carbon impact of what they spend but make an informed decision on how they would like to offset. The company is working with many of the world’s top 50 banks, including NatWest, to integrate carbon tracking into all financial activity.  

Cogo sees the best way to ensure lasting behaviour change, is to make the right thing the easy thing.  

Cogo brand logo


Emex was founded on the belief that profitability should not come at the expense of people and the planet. They’ve created a human-centered sustainability platform engineered to ensure accuracy and inspire action, leveraging non-financial data to help businesses translate their sustainability ambitions into effective actions.

Since their first day in business, Emex prioritised accessibility and functionality for their customers. They want to work with business and leaders with both passion and patience—who understand sustainability isn’t an endpoint, but the endless pursuit of better. They see themselves as partners in sustainability and safety, but will never tell you how to run your business. They’ll help you track your progress, measure your success, and identify the spaces where you can improve. Most importantly, they will provide insights and uncover opportunities for you to take action, allowing you to meet tomorrow’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Emex - safety, sustainability and compliance. Simplified.


Luker Chocolate  

Spearheading sustainability standards in cocoa farming, the ethical chocolate producer works with farmers to promote sustainable development to protect rural communities and environments in Colombia. Luker Chocolate protects wildlife in its farms, as well as works directly with small farmers to help them implement better agricultural practices to protect forests and water. Many cocoa farms used to be ranches and had no greenery, Luker is working so that the cocoa plant becomes an alternative to deforestation in Colombia. Cocoa production is changing the landscape of Colombia, securing a greener and more prosperous future.   

Luker Chocolate, purpose-driven brand

This is just a snapshot of some of the incredible work our clients are doing to support ethical business practices and secure the future of our planet. We are privileged to work with so many companies doing so much good for the world. 

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