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Interview tips from the other side of the table

Ok, so hands up, I admit I am super fussy when interviewing.

I expect candidates to come in having done their homework on the company and our clients. I expect them to have a genuine interest in the news agenda and a passion for people. And I expect them to be curious, articulate, enthusiastic and have a hunger to learn and grow.

That is because I expect the people I work alongside to demonstrate this energy, ambition, creativity and professionalism in their working lives. Too much? I don’t think so.

Massive turn offs

Weak hand shake – it just lacks confidence
No questions – interviews should be a discussion, two-way dialogue
No insights – it can be anything, but demonstrate independent thinking. Opinions on today’s news, observations on our client portfolio

Huge pluses

Sunny demeanour – be positive, open. Most agencies recruit on attitude
Demonstrate a hunger to learn – we all learn from each other daily, don’t pretend to know it all
Demonstrate connections – where you can make a difference, what you bring to the mix

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