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When you think about what to expect in the first week of a new job, which words come to mind? Generally, a new role is expected to be daunting and overwhelming, leaving you feeling somewhat fried by the time you reach the weekend. My first few weeks at Milk & Honey have shown me that that doesn’t have to be the case.  

I’m running on a high – in which I’ve been exposed to so many new experiences, language and skills which have left me brimming with creativity and excitement to go back for more. This has left me reflecting on why I feel this way when so often people leave work sapped of energy and creativity? 

Certainly, finding a job which reflects your interests and skills is important. PR itself fits me like a glove. It’s fast-paced and varied with each task I’ve been set lighting another spark of creativity and curiosity within my brain. 

I could go on for pages about how the team has welcomed me in with open arms. However, I’ll keep it brief. Here are the top three things which have stood out to me in my first few weeks. 

Visibility is valued 

Each morning I’ve been meeting with my manager to discuss how I feel, plan the structure of my day and get feedback from him on how I am progressing. They encouraged me to contribute to group chats, share my ideas and offer my help when people asked for it. ‘Be visible’, they said. They could have given me no better advice. 

At Milk & Honey, there’s no sense of hierarchy. It didn’t matter that I was “just the intern”, my input has been made to feel valued. Whether on Microsoft Teams groups or in creative brainstorms, my ideas have been listened to and considered. The effect of this is that each day I’ve grown in confidence and become more aware of where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I feel that I’ve developed profusely within my first few weeks, and that’s because I feel safe to ask questions and make mistakes. They will be there to catch me and guide me rather than judge me. 

Diversity and inclusion breeds success 

Milk & Honey is built upon a celebration of difference. Spanning three countries and time zones, each office contains members with varying perspectives, specialities, backgrounds and experiences. Importantly, these differences do not cause division. You’ll find no cliques here. Milk & Honey is one global team, which recognises the creative credit that its members differences provide. By coming together, they get the most purchase from this creative diversity, resulting in fantastic outcomes for their clients. 

It goes beyond the professional 

Finally, Milk & Honey team members are genuine. The pleasantries are not reserved for the office and inclusion extends beyond the end of the working day. WhatsApp messages, group chats, invitations to the pub and to spin classes, sharing of book recommendations; all of these things which go beyond the remit of work have contributed to making me feel part of the furniture. In one week, I’ve managed to gain a new job and the beginnings of new friendships. That’s pretty good going if you ask me. 

My first few weeks have been incredible, which I attribute to the incredible working culture which has been built by the team at Milk & Honey PR. It is a place where ambition and nurture exist in tandem, a winning combination which means creativity buzzes from every corner of the room. 

So, what’s my biggest takeaway? If I had to advise anyone looking to make their business thrive, I’d say don’t sleep on workplace culture. The returns you’ll get are golden … much like honey.

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