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We’re the world’s highest scoring B Corp certified PR agency!

M&H B Corp commitment

When we first received our B Corp certification in 2019, there were only 250 certified companies in the UK. Today, we have successfully completed a group wide certification with a global industry topping score of 154.2. 

 There are 60 certified PR agencies in the world, with 18 scoring over the magic 100. We are now the highest scoring by a clear 30 points.  We’re the highest scoring of any B Corp organisations within Germany; and for the first time, we are accredited in UK, US and Germany. 

 To be certified as a B Corp, brands must prove they are implementing best practices in managing their impact on consumers, communities, the environment, workers and customers. They must also evidence having strong governance structures in place. 

B Lab, the certifying body, needs to give a brand an overall score of at least 80 points out of a possible 200 for certification to be approved. We have been able to lift the score from 87 back in 2019 to by a margin of almost 70 points, to 154.2 today.  

Already recognised as Best for the World in the workers category, we recorded our highest scores in workers, governance and community; contributing 66, 22.9 and 38.8 points respectively. 

On worker treatment, this was thanks to some new additions to our benefits package, including menopause support, pregnancy loss and mental health enhanced support. We’ve also made strong progress on improving diversity and inclusion across all levels of the business, with women accounting for three-quarters of our leadership team. 

On environmental sustainability, we have been carbon and plastic neutral for the past two years and are working towards net-positive operational emissions by 2030. 

We take great effort to work exclusively with clients that share our vision of doing no harm to people or planet. Within the supply chain we are also prioritising working with minority owned and local partners.  

B Corps need to recertify every three years and, as such, our Group CEO Kirsty Leighton noted that “we are proud to have made such a herculean advance in living our values and increasing our score by almost 70 points. But there is more we can do. 

“As the current highest scoring PR agency in the B Corp movement, we are looking forward to working with the B Corp communities across global markets and ensuring that we are using our business to deliver positive impact”, Kirsty added.  

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