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Becoming part of the B Corp community

We were accepted into the B Corp community in September, after a lot of hard work and dedication. B Corp is a community of businesses that meet the highest social and environmental standards – something which is becoming increasingly significant in the times we live and work in.. 

As B Corp’s we run our businesses in a way that has a more positive impact on employees, communities and the environment. In order to face society’s biggest challenges, and to ensure we’re seeking purpose, as opposed to just profit, we need to work together to drive this global movement of good. 

Our own B Corp community  

The ‘B Corp Declaration of Interdependence’ states: “we must be the change we seek in the world”. Our people-first culture is integral to every single one of our values at the hive. We work hard to make sure that what we do is right. Not just for us, but for the people we work with and the communities we form a part of.  

Therefore, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this progressive movement within the PR industryAt the point we were certified, we were one of just six UK PR agencies with the accreditation. As one of the leaders in this arena, we want to share our journey to B Corp.  

Our very own ethics warrior, Jessica Ballinger, spoke at the launch of the PRCA’s newly formed B Corp Group, and we’re passionate about taking others on the journey with us. If you’re an agency or PR person who is keen to learn more, please do get in touch or attend an event. We’ve teamed up with the Don’t Cry Wolf B Corp team to provide advice and lead conversations via a new Slack channel for the UK PR community. Drop us a DM on Twitter if you want to join.  

This year reputation management will be more critical than ever. Which is why as communicators, it’s vital that we join brands on this movement to hold ourselves and our clients to the utmost ethical standards. With more and more brands taking a stand on polarising societal issues, we’ll be putting everything into practice. From transparency to authenticity, we must always focus our efforts on managing reputation through demonstrating the right behaviours.  

PR for a purpose 

In the PR industry we constantly highlight the importance of messaging and values, and the power of purpose. However, with only a handful of PR agencies currently holding B Corp certification, it’s a vital time for ensuring the same high standards are recognised and spread across the industry.  

Whether you’ve already secured your B Corp certification, are in the process or getting accredited right now, or are just looking to be inspired, check out the PRCA B Corp group or get in touch to join our community today. 

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